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Moving Essentials Bundle

Moving to a new place, or maybe even to a new town? Try our Moving Essentials Bundle: we designed it so that you feel taken care of and protected during the entire moving process.

Our Hand Cleanser contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol and is formulated with essentials oils to minimize drying.

Our Heel Repair balm combines shea and cocoa butter, aloe vera, watermint, and tea tree to relieve and prevent cracked heels. Non-greasy and won’t stain shoes or linens.

And the Dino Fizz 3 piece set contains three fun eggs for your little ones. 
As each egg dissolves, a baby dinosaur "hatches" and floats to the surface. 

At the end of the day, what more do you need but mama's heels safely rescued from the dreaded cracking and relentless moving around; a kid that's already cozied upon a night pillow, and a sanitized household altogether. 

Save 20% when purchased together in our Moving Essentials Bundle.