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How to Save Money and Time with Your Laundry Tasks - PART 3

Posted on July 15 2021


Tip #3: Save Time when Drying, Folding, and Hanging Clothes

After you have dried the load of laundry, it needs to be removed from the dryer to prevent wrinkles and to have the dryer ready for the next load of clothes. Putting the clean laundry away consumes time, whether by folding, hanging, or doing a combination of the two. It also takes time to separate each family member’s clothes.

So how does this save time? You actually just read it! By taking care of every load when it is finished, you open the dryer for the next load when it is ready. Your busy life also does not have time to rerun the dryer to fix wrinkles.

Fewer Interruptions Means Fewer Distractions

Who wants to spend a lot of time drying and folding clothes or hanging them up? Just about everyone would say no. By washing bigger loads as previously mentioned, you will not have so many interruptions.

Other Thoughtful Benefits

• Drying: Placing the clothes in your dryer is much like washing them. A larger load may take more time to run and use more energy, but it covers several smaller loads that would consume more time than the larger load.

 • Folding and Hanging: To save time for more important things in life, it is more efficient to first sort the clean laundry, and then begin folding or placing in baskets to hang within the rooms. In going back to the larger load concept, you can save time by folding or hanging larger loads verse several small ones. After all, isn’t it best to just get it done in a swift swoop? Most would say yes to this one. It may take longer, but the overall time consumption on a monthly basis is less, and it does not interfere with other scheduled events or tasks like daily intermittent laundry could.

Tip #4: Other Ways to Handle Your Laundry

Besides the usual routine of washing clothes, there are plenty of other ways to save time and money. Here are some ideas to make life easier for you.

Laundry Room Shelving

Adding shelves in your laundry room saves time if you choose to go this route. Simply place clean laundry baskets on the shelves for every person in the household. You can dry and fold the laundry in the same room, then place the clothes in each person’s basket and stick them on the shelf. From there, your family would get their own basket and put their own clothes away, assuming everyone is old enough. This not only saves you time, it also lets each person put their own laundry away. They will know where everything is, as well as what they have left. It makes it easier to find something when it is needed too!

Backup Supplies

If you buy spare laundry detergent, a stain treatment (spray or gel with a brush), fabric softeners/liquid softener, and bleach; you will always have what you need. In your busiest times with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can easily forget that you are low on something or simply out of it. At that point, you have to run to the store to get more supplies. By having those backups, you will save time and hassle, plus you can save money by purchasing them on sale or with coupons in your spare time.

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Separate Heavily Soiled Clothes from the Rest

In most households, people have really dirty clothes from time to time or even have them daily if it is from work. In situations like these, it is best to wash them in hot water with more detergent and/or stain treatment. If you mix the heavily soiled clothes with the regular loads of laundry, they may not clean up enough and you will end up needing to wash them again. To save time, you can throw all heavily soiled clothes in one load. The only drawback here is the time consumption of going through the clothes to find the horrific ones, but that is surely better than the time it would take to rewash them.