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How to Save Money and Time with Your Laundry Tasks - PART 2

Posted on June 15 2021


Tip #2: Washing Machine Usage

The type of washing machine you have, as well as how it gets used affects your time and your money. First off, the water level settings play a big role in water consumption and time. Second, some machines offer water-saving features, using less water in the wash cycle.

Cut Back on Smaller Loads

If you like to wash small loads of clothes to save time or to get something clean right away due to stains, you could be spending more money on your electric bill, as well as consuming more of your time. The best method is to pretreat stains and spills with a stain treatment, then toss them in the hampers to be washed. This will help remove the stain and save time from having to wash clothes so frequently.

For softer effect we recommend trying our Vaska Lavender Laundry Fabric Softener (48oz fl. oz. bottles), 2 PACK, which does not use wax or harmful chemicals to give the illusion of softness.  nstead, our safe botanical formula softens and protects your fabrics naturally.

In addition, small loads of laundry still consume more time than a handful of larger loads. For energy-saving washing machines, bigger loads can take longer, but the smaller loads will catch up and exceed the running time in a month’s duration.