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How to Save Money and Time with Your Laundry Tasks - PART 1

Posted on May 15 2021

Washing the family’s clothes is something that needs to be completed on a regular basis, just like house cleaning. The problems that you face with this scenario include having clothes lying around everywhere, accumulating costs on appliance usage, and loss of time. Washing the laundry is one thing, but folding and hanging clothes also consume many hours per month. So what can you do to take control and save some time and money for other important things? Here are some ideas.

Tip #1: Organization

Getting organized with the laundry is a big way to save time. There are many reasons for this. First off, you already have the clothes separated based on type. This means that they are ready to go when you are! Second, it helps to see which clothes are overloaded and need immediate attention, such as all those denim jeans or all your kid’s clothes. Third, it lets you wash a particular load when you need something specific, such as socks, underwear, towels, a sweater requiring a delicate wash cycle, etc. So how do you get organized? That is the next step.

Use Laundry Hampers or Bins

Purchase laundry hampers or bins for every bedroom and get one for the laundry room too. When someone changes clothes, they can place their dirty laundry in the hamper. After a while, everyone will get used to the good habit. In fact, you can say that nothing will get cleaned if it is not in the hampers. They’ll pick up on that signal rather quickly when they see it happen and/or when they want a certain shirt and it is not clean!

The Benefits of Each One:

• Hampers are best for rooms because they have appealed characteristics. You will also find various sizes.

• Bins are called laundry hampers too, but most are not designed for appearance. They can be on wheels and look like tubs. They can be made of cloth material on a wooden frame that forms a basket-like appearance. They can even be plastic or a cloth material with a metal frame.

Nevertheless, they get you organized, create efficiency, save time, and increase room appeal.

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