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Help Protect Your Skin During the Wildfire Season

Posted on May 31 2021


 If you reside anywhere near a wildfire, you should know that the smoke in the atmosphere can cause skin irritation and damage. It can help to follow a few skincare tips to keep your skin safe from premature aging.

If you live in a place that isn't far from a wildfire hotspot, you most likely battle smoke pollution regularly during the summer months. Smoke in the air you breathe isn't good for your health; what you probably don't realize, however, is that smoke isn't kind to your skin, either. Extended exposure to polluted air can negatively affect your skin.

Smoky air consists of a suspension of microscopic particulate matter. The microscopic pollutants in such air are small enough to enter the pores of your skin, and cause free radical damage, leading to dull skin, a blotchy complexion, and lines and wrinkles over time. If particles of ash and soot get into your pores, they can clog them up and make for acne outbreaks. For those who are prone to psoriasis, rosacea, or eczema, prolonged smoke exposure can cause flare-ups, as well.

What follows are tips on protecting yourself from skin damage from exposure to smoke and helping your skin recover from any irritation that should occur. Skin protection is likely not your priority when there is smoke from a wildfire in the air, but doing what you can to take care of your skin can give you a sense of control.

Make facial cleansing a part of your nighttime routine

Personal preference determines how often you cleanse your facial skin - while it's a vital morning ritual to many, others see it as overly drying. Distinct from how you feel about your mornings, facial cleansing is critical before bedtime. Not only is your facial skin likely to be covered in dried sweat, dirt, and bacteria at the end of your day, wildfire smoke in the air is expected to add soot into the mix, making your skin particularly prone to pollutant damage. It's important, whatever you do, to make sure that you wash your face with a mild facewash formula before you get into bed each night.

For a gentle skin cleanse try tour Pacific & Poppy Vitamin Sea Face Wash. The blend of Algae, Aloe, Grapefruit, Lavender, Avocado and Cucumber will leave your face renewed and clean. For a more exhaustive treatment try this amazing Face The Day Trio which is perfect for those who have to wear masks all day and every day.

 Make antioxidants a part of your skincare routine

When there is smoke in your environment, antioxidants are an essential skincare ingredient you can add to your routine. Whatever oxidative stress smoke pollution may cause (collagen loss, pigmentation, inflammation, or other kinds of skin aging), antioxidants can help you counter it. Using skincare products with niacinamide and vitamin C makes sense, as well, for extra help fighting skin aging.

Create a habit out of wearing sun protection

There are other environmental factors to consider, which can also cause your skin oxidative stress. Exposing your skin directly to the sun and its UV rays can also result in aging. UV radiation can damage skin and cause it to lose its natural suppleness. That's why it's crucial to get into a good habit of wearing sunscreen every day to help create a protective layer on your skin that prevents pollutants like smoke from being able to penetrate your skin's pores. It can be tricky to start new habits, so try and place your sunscreen next to your face wash so that every morning after you've washed your face, you'll be reminded to apply your sunscreen.

Remember to be gentle and kind to your skin - don't use any harsh exfoliating products until the air quality has improved. And of course, remember to take good care of your skin inside as well as outside and eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh vegetables. Enjoy everything healthy this glorious summer has to offer and as always, stay safe out there.