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Posted on April 21 2020

With the cessation of non-essential activities, we are facing an opportunity, if we claim it. The opportunity is to take a moment to pose and ask - what is truly important right now? Let us take the time to rest, connect, laugh, build resilience, or even mourn. In this process, we want to support you with some wellness tips and rituals for soothing fear and anxiety.

First, we want to introduce a list of essential oils, which are at the heart of our aromatherapy and natural cleansing philosophy. All of our calming skincare and bath&body rituals are amplified by these essential oil ingredients: 

  • Uplifts the spirits, fights depression, regulates appetite — Bergamot

  • Anti-viral; reduces muscle aches — Eucalyptus
  • Soothing & calming; relieves headache — Lavender
  • Calming & anti-inflammatory; balances energy — Chamomile
  • Antidepressant; balances hormones & energy — Geranium
  • Uplifting, great for refreshing tired feet — Lemongrass
  • Anti-spasmodic; reduces anxiety, helps with sleep, stimulates the growth of healthy new cells — Neroli
  • Wards off airborne infections; stimulates circulation, soothes sore muscles — Nutmeg
  • Warm & uplifting (called the sunshine oil); balances sebum — Orange
  • Uplifting & cooling; increases circulation, concentration, and memory — Peppermint
  • General stimulant and tonic; clears the head, helps reduce pain without the sedative side-effects — Rosemary


Our world is built on the power of words, and many of us savor the challenge of a late-night debate with a partner or a friend. Our society adores a non-stop chatter, sometimes about absolutely useless topics. But think about this for a minute - maybe more often than not, we use words to avoid, rather than to connect. And the problem is not always other people, it is the unconscious tyranny of words inside of our brains. Although you are mostly sitting on the couch these days, it doesn’t mean you’re shielded from the world’s babble or the babble in your own head.

Sometimes the most intense thoughts flood our brain at night, right before sleep. So our sleep ritual for you includes this advice - try plugging into your silent self, disconnecting from the unconscious demand that you ought to verbalize every thought. Connect to other rhythms - your breath, your heartbeat. Feel the cobwebs blowing from your brain and embrace the peace that comes. If words come to mind, let them settle inside, or aside. One essential oil we highly recommend for turning that internal chatter off is neroli.

For a calming night, start with our favorite - Sleepy Time bath bomb with neroli essential oil, and if you want the added effect of nonpsychoactive CBD, by all means, go for the Sanna Rest & Dream Bath Bomb.

sleepy time bath bomb and CBD bath bomb


We have been told to wash our hands regularly for at least 20 seconds or sanitize it with alcohol, and this could cause severe dry skin. Here is a good article from Time Magazine  - that talks about why having dry, cracked and raw skin can actually lead to infections. The most important take away is that you should make it a ritual to use hand cream after washing your hands. Our go-to moisturizers  are:

  • Sanna Everything Healing Salve - Coconut oil, in combination with the nourishing Lavender and Rosemary cold-processed essential oils would heal your scratchy skin and make it velvety again. The added benefits of Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Extract help with deep hydration, enhanced skin elasticity, as well as mitigating areas of inflammation or irritation.
  • Hemp4UCo Intensive Hand Balm - use this balm for immediate moisturization and healing. The 150mg Broad-Spectrum CBD, combined with eucalyptus, will give your chapped skin relief and a refreshing sensation, while shea butter and hemp seed oil would work to hydrate on a deeper level.


People turn to humor during tough and fearful times, especially when it pokes fun of the very fear-inducing uncertainties we’re anxious about in the first place.

If you’re wondering how we manage stress and maintain emotional well-being through humor, the answer is - singing & dancing, and memes. Below are links to some of our favorite: 




Also, check out this Vox article on how humor has evolved during Coronavirus.