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10 Health and Nutrition Tips

Posted on June 25 2021

We are increasingly interested in knowing how to get healthy, how to stay healthy, what the best foods are, and how much sleep is optimal for good health. Here is a top 10 list of health tips based on the most popular health-related questions.

The dehydrating effects of caffeine and protein

Eating too much protein (whether as food or in supplements) and having too much caffeine can dehydrate you rapidly. Dehydration can result in headaches, tiredness, and a decreased metabolism. Be sure to drink extra amounts of water to counter the effects of too much protein or caffeine intake in your diet.


Relax with lavender

Being relaxed can help you sleep more soundly and feel less fatigued, among other health benefits. Lavender has been scientifically shown to assists in relaxation. It can be used fresh in its flowered form, as dried cuttings in pouches, or as an essential oil.

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Enhance your mood with bananas

Bananas can help improve your mood because they contain vitamin B6, which helps the brain to produce serotonin that acts as a mood stabilizer. They contain high levels of vitamin B6, accounting for 30 percent of your daily recommended intake - so eating a banana daily can actually help ward off depression and anxiety by enhancing your body's serotonin levels.

Improve your mental health

Mental health affects physical health, and it's critical that we take steps to enhance and safeguard our mental well-being. This is particularly relevant as the Census Bureau estimates that over a third of Americans suffered clinical signs of depression or anxiety since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having a good diet and exercising regularly have been shown to enhance mental health.

Keep fit

There are plenty of benefits to keeping fit - it's good for the heart, helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels, and also improves both muscle mass and bone density. Try to get moderate exercise regularly at the least - there are clever tricks to make this part of your daily routine, like opting to take the stairs instead of elevators and walking or cycling to work.

Cut down on your sugar and salt intake

Regularly eating foods that contain lots of salt can increase your blood pressure, which in turn can raise your risk of heart disease. Read your food labels to see which ones are high in sodium, and try to consume them less often. Too much sugar in your diet is also notoriously bad for your health as it can lead to excessive weight gain and can also destroy your teeth. An easy way to cut down on sugars is to reduce your intake of sugared snacks, candies, and carbonated drinks.

Eat more fresh berries

There are multiple health benefits associated with eating berries. Many types of berries contain antioxidants like resveratrol that combat free radicals and protect against disease and aging. Berries also help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels and are packed with vitamins and minerals to ward off chronic inflammation.

Get enough sleep

People often underestimate the importance of sleep in maintaining a healthy body. Sleep helps the body to rejuvenate and to be better primed to fight off viruses and disease. Getting enough sleep can also reduce the negative effects associated with stress and can have a calming effect on our busy lives. 
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Ditch unhealthy fats

Not all fats are equal - healthy fats are good for your cells, organs, skin, and nails. Certain types of fat like omega-3 fats help with cardiac health and have even been linked to preventing dementia. Saturated and trans fats should be eliminated from your diet - these are mostly found in animal products or junk foods.

Eat your eggs

Eggs are highly nutritious, and despite rumors that they contribute towards high cholesterol levels, studies show that this simply isn't true. Make sure you eat all of the egg, as the yolk contains most of the health benefits. Eggs provide an excellent source of protein and have an optimal amino acid profile. Eggs contain choline, and deficiencies of this nutrient are linked to liver and heart disease as well as neurological disorders. Try to buy eggs produced from free-range hens fed with omega-3 enriched flaxseed as they are generally more nutritious compared to eggs from caged, grain-fed hens.

Stay tuned to the needs of your body, give plenty of space for the mind to relax, recharge your spirit, and you will see improvements in every aspect of your life.