Use the Forces of Nature to Keep Your Skin Hydrated, Happy and Youthful

So...summer is fun! It's filled with BBQs, friends, sunshine and the occasional early knock off from work to grab snacks and cocktails at that neighborhood bar for happy hour. Do not despair! A balanced lifestyle is not ALL leafy greens and morning jogs.. Yes, healthful diet and exercise are known anti-agers, but did you realize there are other natural and healthy ways to keep the skin you're in feeling fresh and youthful? Pure, gentle and effective skincare, such as Smith and Vandiver products, fight your skin's aging processes naturally. Not all anti-aging skin care products are chemically laden lab concoctions with price tags designed to stun you into believing they work. Let S&V shine a light on nature's power to keep your skin refreshed, hydrated and happy so you can look as young as you feel...or younger! And let us show you how to stay radiant on a budget so you can afford that night out with your friends and be the light of the party!


Gently Cleanse and Exfoliate with Natural Products

When you cleanse your skin, remember that you are seeking to hydrate and restore it rather than scour it with drying, chemical ingredients. Use pure, effective cleansers like Smith and Vandiver’s body washes to leave your skin dewy, glowing and refreshed. Your skin will be clean, plumped and resilient, hydrated by your daily wash routine as opposed to dried and thirsty in the wake of harsh ingredients. Gentle exfoliation, from physical rather than chemical ingredients, is ideal for encouraging the sloughing of exhausted, surface skin cells revealing the younger, renewed skin beneath. S&V offers body scrubs in both it’s Aromatherapaes and Spa...ah product lines to help you discover your own youthful beauty.

Harness the Hydrating Power of H2O

Don’t let the inherent moisture from your bath or shower go to waste! Be sure to trap that hydration by simply patting a light, revitalizing layer of natural oils onto your still damp skin. S&V’s Aromatherapaes and Spa...ah lines offer a variety of luxuriant and affordable oil blends to complete your daily bathing routine. The protective barrier that you form will not only shelter you from the elements, it will also capture moisture within, keeping your skin glowing and resilient with the power of water.

Utilize Nature’s Powerhouse Ingredients in Your Daily Lotions and Creams

Don’t risk following the latest trending chemical when it comes to the health of your body and the skin you live in everyday. Trust nature when it comes to deciding which ingredients you use to protect and nourish yourself. S&V product lines boast gentle, powerful and nature safe ingredients such as shea butter and coconut oil, known VIPs of natural skincare. Just like feeding our bodies, we need to be cognizant of the ingredients we apply to our skin, as well. Skin is our largest organ and it’s living and breathing health should be entrusted only to the purest, most effective and safe products available. Nothing can beat being designed by nature.

Utilize the Fortifying Nature of Your Sleep Cycle

Our bodies work hard while we are asleep. Be sure to put your sleep to good use when it comes to the care of your skin! Slather on that extra layer of your rich and luxuriant S&V cream so that you wake to strengthened and more youthful skin each morning. What a way to start the day!